Advertising Pitch for PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

The following is a pitch created by my team for our Intro to Ad/PR class.

The Wolf Pack for PlayStation® Gold Wireless Headset

The Wolf Pack Agency is proud to present our campaign for the PlayStation® Gold Wireless Headset, UNLEASH.

We are an independent, research driven advertising agency devoted to creating compelling, strategic campaigns. We believe in rooting creative ideas in strong research and letting those ideas drive strategy. 

Our Team

Jane McAnallen
Account Executive

Shannon Turgeon
Director of Research

Gabrielle Davis-Jones
Vice President of Media Relations

Amanda Toledo
Chief Creative Executive

Ahmed Zainal

Situation Analysis

Current Market Mix

  • Product – PlayStation® Gold Wireless Headset. Specifically for the PS4 but is also compatible with the PS3, the PSVita, and computers.
  • Price – $99
  • Distribution –, and will be available at Best Buy, Kmart, GameStop, Sears, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us, and Walmart.
  • Promotion –  LAN party, online advertisements, and magazine ads


  • Other popular headsets from brands such as Turtle Beach, Astro, and Steel Series.
  • The Wii doesn’t shape up against the PS4. The Wii also isn’t particularly known as a console for serious gamers.  – The Daily Finance
  • The PS4 is more worth a consumer’s money than the Xbox One. The PS4 provides better hardware, quality, and customizability than the Xbox One does. –

Target Market

  • Males and females 16-28
  • Gamers who value quality products and who play for long amounts of time
  • People committed to PS4/Sony brand


  • Strengths –  Low price, lightweight design, official PS4 accessory, foldable
  • Weaknesses –  No multiple channels, released later than the PS4
  • Opportunities – Female gamers, serious gamers
  • Threats –  Other brands of headsets such as Turtle Bay, Steel Series, and Astro


Our survey found that among gamers age 18 – 29, the majority has a positive view of Sony and the PlayStation, but less than 40-percent have heard of the PlayStation® Gold Wireless Headset. However, of those who are aware of it, 75-percent want to own one.

  • Released: January and is new in the product life cycle. It is a Sony product, a brand that is very popular in the gaming world due to the various PlayStation consoles and merchandise.
  • Benefits:  include 7.1 virtual surround sound, a noise-cancelling microphone, Companion App and a foldable, lightweight design.
  • Previous Model: PS3 Pulse Elite, which was designed for the Playstation 3. The Pulse Elite was received well by the gaming community and was considered a “must have” for PS3 owners. The Headset is a step up from the Pulse Elite because of the lower price, longer battery life, and a more durable, lightweight, and sleek design.


  • Create awareness of the Gold Wireless Headset in the 4.2 million PS4 users.
  • Convince 70-percent of “informed” group that the Headset leads to a superior gaming experience.
  • Stimulate desire to purchase the Headset in 50-percent of “convinced” group.

Action Expected

  • Increase in social conversation around product
  • Increase in sales of product

Time Frame

  • We recommend running a 52-week flighted campaign
    • May to June  –  this is one of the high times to buy electronics, as most retailers have sales during this time.
    • November to January – November is when many new video games will be released, including Sony’s new Dragon Age and FIFA.

Advertising Strategy

Product Concept

  • Market Position
    • We’re looking to use an emotional campaign that shows a universal experience and interacts with customers individually so they feel a tie with the product and brand name.
    • The functionality of the PlayStation® Gold Wireless Headset with its foldable design, hidden noise cancelling microphone, soft and comfortable headphones, and its wireless capabilities influence the target market rationally to purchase the product.
    • The design with its sleek blue and black professional look along with the feeling of being a unique and individual gamer lends its hand in the emotional response to the product.
    • The extreme customizability with the ability to change faceplates and the Companion app which allows users to download custom audio modes created by developers specifically for PlayStation® games.
    • Benefits
      • Price: The product is selling at a lower price than most.
      • Customizable: Changeable faceplate and Companion App – custom audio modes created by developers specifically for PlayStation games
      • Design: Lightweight and more comfortable than competitor’s products. Foldable and easy to store when not in use. Internal and noise cancelling microphone,  so gamers do not need to worry about breaking or moving it.
      • Brand Loyalty: Official PS4 accessory
      • Compatibility: In addition to working with the PS4, it is also compatible with PS3, the PSVita, and computers and some mobile devices.
      • Brand Identification
        • Sony is seen as a brand that delivers quality products and is associated with everything PlayStation® related.
        • In the gaming community, PlayStation®  is loved by old and new gamers alike because of their long, nostaligic history, as well as their newer consoles and games.
        • The Sony personality is seen as a professional, sleek, creative, quality, and overall a good experience for not only gamers but also consumers looking to enrich their experience in electronics and technology.

Target Audience

  • Psychological
    • Emotional: Males and females who get into their games and view it as more than just a leisure hobby. Not necessary intense gaming, but moderate gamers who enjoy escaping reality and getting sucked into what they are playing.
    • Rational: Intense gamers also see value in this product due to the durability, wireless, and lightweight capabilities. They can spend their hours gaming comfortably.
    • Demography
      • Male and female
      • 16-28
      • All ranges of middleclass society and income
      • Educated – high school and college students
      • Typically single or unmarried – no children of their own
      • Geography
        • United States and North America
        • Introducing “Kendra”
          • Female – age 19
          • College student in the city
          • From middleclass society and income
          • Frequents stores such as GameStop, Best Buy, and Target
          • Frequents game forums, YouTube, Reddit, IGN, active on social media and subscribes to game magazines
          • Uploads self-created gaming videos on YouTube
          • A moderate gamer, plays around 5hrs a week.

Message and Appeal

  • Unique Selling Proposition
    • Custom gaming experience
    • Big Idea
      • The PlayStation® Gold Wireless Headset is a quality headset that will create a more enjoyable gaming experience.
      • They have more freedom due to the wireless feature.
      • Customizable, lightweight, durable, sleek and high quality product.

Creative Brief

Client: Sony
Project: “UNLEASH”
Overview: Advertising campaign for PlayStation® Gold Wireless Headset


  1. Create awareness for product.
  2. Inform target of product features and benefits.
  3. Convince target that product leads to superior gaming experience
  4. Create desire to own product

Target Audience

  • 16-28, females and males, serious about games, loyal to Sony brand

How are we reaching out target?

  • Interest magazines and websites, in-store advertising, social media contest, YouTube advertising and television advertising

What do they think?

  • Rational – they are impressed by product look, design, and features.

What do we want them to think?

  • Emotional – product leads to superior gaming experience. This headset will make gaming more enjoyable, and will give them an edge in games.

Reasons to Believe in Brand

  • Sony has a history of and reputation for quality products and has a strong presence in the gaming industry.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • Custom gaming experience

Tone of Work

  • Tongue –in-cheek, interactive humor


  • Learn more, desire, purchase


  • Print ads, display ads, broadcast ad, social media presence, event coordination


  • Print
    • Game Informer – Most popular gamer magazine.
    • Escapist – Focuses on gaming culture and is ideal for our experience enhancing product.
    • PlayStation® Official Magazine
    • Games Radar – 3.2 million readers between UK and US alone
    • Broadcast
      • Previews on YouTube videos
      • Sidebar video ad on sites including:
        • IGN, GamesRadar, Kotaku
  • Air on NBC and HBO during programming consumed by the target audience such as Community and Game of Thrones, as well as late night programs.
  • Direct
    • Advertisement accompanied by a “mirror style” photo of product enabling gamers to “see” themselves using the product.
      • GameStop, BestBuy, Wal*Mart, Kmart, Sears , Target
      • Promotion
        • LAN Party Contest
          • Social Media – Headset users will submit pictures of themselves wearing the headset via Twitter and Instagram using the promotional hashtag.
          • In conjunction with Sony, we will select five to ten winners to attend a LAN Party hosted by PlayStation® and Rooster Teeth, located in Austin , TX for the convenience of the Rooster Teeth team and for its central location.
          • The contest will be promoted through the Rooster Teeth and PlayStation® YouTube channels and social media, and on the PlayStation official website. It will also be included in or on the packaging for the Headset.
          • The Contest will begin when we start the campaign in November and will run for one month. The winners will be selected in December, and we will hold the LAN Party in January.

Ad Samples

“Battle Couch”
15 seconds for UNLEASH Campaign


Dramatic music. Slow motion effects. Female avatar DESTROYING her opponents. Every shot is clear and loud.


Music cuts out. Woman wearing PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset and using PS4 controller stares intently directly below shot. Man is sitting next to her, looking at her with an air of concern.



Dramatic music returns. Slow motion effects. Female avatar RUNS across zone moving down opponents, doing a difficult maneuver. Every step is heard, clear and crisp.


Dramatic music cuts.

SCOOTS closer,TAPPING woman’s shoulder
“Uh… Babe?”


Dramatic music. Slow motion effect. Female avatar is near objective completion, but is killed by an opponent. FALLS to ground dramatically. Slow motion is exaggerated and music turns tragic. Camera pans back from the avatar’s face.


Music cuts.

YANKS headset around neck.
(loudly, irritated)

Man JUMPS BACK, obviously startled.


WHITE quickly dissolves to IMAGE of product slowing rotating and TEXT revealed top down list “Hidden noise-cancelling microphone, Companion App, comfortable design, stylish appearance.” Small text at bottom – “Available at select retailors and at Full feature set only available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles. Not compatible with all mobile devices. Some features vary based on device.”

“PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset. Unleash Your Game.”

“Insert Gamer”
Print and Display Ad Mock Up



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