USG reaches out to club leaders to build relationships

Originally published in the Globe March 12, 2014

The United Student Government (USG) will meet with club leaders this week to outline changes in the way funds are allocated to clubs.

The changes will include a new After Event form, a single form for initial funding requests and supplemental requests and a mandatory workshop later this semester for club leaders.

“We’ve never met with [club leaders] after the initial funding meeting we had,” said USG Treasurer Andrew LeDonne on Monday in the Student and Convocation Center. “I meet with every club leader over the course of two weeks. The only time I talk to them again is if they want money.”

LeDonne said USG wants to build “more of a relationship” with club leaders. He also said USG wants to see where they can improve and attempt to help improve clubs as well.

The After Event form requires club leaders to answer a few questions and submit their event budget. This will allow USG to get feedback from different events and help clubs have better events in the future, according to USG Vice President Evan Schall.

The form will also be useful when funding clubs in the future, according to LeDonne. The form will ask what was successful, what was not and how USG can help. It will also come into play when funding future events.

“A lot of times we give money and never see where it goes,” LeDonne said. “Now we can see exactly where it went. Next year, we can say ‘They want this amount of money, but last year this sufficed.’”

The forms for funding requests, one for the initial petition for funds and one to petition supplemental funding, are now a single form to reduce confusion from club leaders over whether or not they have the correct paperwork, according toSchall.

“Now it’s just one form that the club leaders can have,” said Schall on Monday in the Student and Convocation Center. “If they need money at the beginning of the semester, they fill it out. If they need money halfway through the semester, they fill it out.”

The time for clubs to use funds allocated for a specific event has also now been reduced from 30 days to 15 days.

The money left over after an event can still be reallocated within the clubs budget within those 15 days, according to LeDonne.

“We changed it because if you have an event in April and you don’t spend your money, we can’t get that money back because we don’t have time to spend it after those 30 days,” LeDonne said. “This gives us more time to use that money.”

USG is also organizing an event with Jaimie Cherok, director of Food Services, for club leaders to talk about the catering menus for club meetings and give feedback.

“Most of these club leaders are at least sophomores, mostly juniors and seniors, so they know what’s good and what’s bad about Aramark,” Schall said. “They can share their concerns, provide constructive criticism and [Cherok] can take that feedback and improve or implement something, probably by next year.”


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