USG adds new requirements for clubs on campus

Originally published in the Globe April 16, 2014

The United Student Government (USG) is working to put legislation in place to address common issues clubs have been facing.

Among these legislations are the requirement of executive officers and a funding outline. Next week, the legislative body will vote on requiring a Rollover Report for predecessors.

Clubs will be required to have 12 members plus a chief officer and a treasurer as well as an advisor and a constitution in order to be officially recognized and qualify for funding.

“We see a lot of clubs with an eccentric form of executive committees, and some without any,” said USG President DillonKunkle Monday in the Student and Convocation Center. “Communication is becoming an ever larger problem, trying to assuage issues that are rising.”

Communication remains a large problem with clubs, according toKunkle. With the required chief officer and treasurer, “we have a contact and [Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership (SAIL)] has a contact.” He also said it would “bring cohesiveness to the organization.”

The new legislation also requires new clubs to start with 12 members, up from 10. USG Rules Committee’s member Julian Singleton said, however, he did not think the rise in required members would impact potential student organizations.

“If you really want to start a club, two extra members shouldn’t faze you,” said Singleton Monday in the Student and Convocation Center. “The goal is solidarity. You have a leader and someone to handle the money, and we have a clear line of communication.”

The new funding outline will guide clubs through the process of petitioning for funds and requesting reimbursements, reallocations and supplemental funding.

“A lot of clubs just don’t know how,” said USG Treasurer Andrew LeDonne Monday in the Student and Convocation Center. “This outlines every step.”

The document will also contain the APF100 form that is used to petition funds and a checklist for club leaders including talking points for the funding meeting and instructions to ease the transfer of power with in a club, according to LeDonne.

“I hope to see more transparency and more knowledge when we have those meetings,” LeDonne said. “This will be a reference point for new treasurers, but it’s up to them to read it.”

Easing the transfer of power is also the goal of the potential Rollover Report. Clubs would be required to fill out a form describing the duties of the role, contact information and anecdotal experiences, according to Singleton.

“It’s from one executive to the next,” Singleton said. “There’s a more personal feel to ‘hey, here’s what I do.’ It will alleviate questions and confusion. We’ve run into a lot of issues this year.”

The goal is to facilitate better communication between clubs and USG.

“People are handed the presidency and don’t know what to do, how to contact USG [and] how to go about soliciting funds. This will get everyone on the same page.”


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