Seniors begin to say goodbye

Originally published in The Globe on April 15, 2015

This Monday, Point Park’s seniors gathered in Village Park for Fuel Up, the launch of this year’s Senior Week.

According to Assistant Community Director of Residence Life Tom Snee, Senior Week is relatively new in Point Park’s history.

“We’re trying to make a tradition,” said Snee in his office on Thursday.

For senior acting major Rachel Medori, Senior Week makes graduating more sweet than bitter.

“It makes you excited about being a senior rather than sad about leaving,” Medori said during the festivities in Village Park Monday. “It’s time with my friends and with my class.”

According to Snee, events like Wednesday’s Lunch and Lunch give seniors just that opportunity.

“It’s a chance to get face time with people they wouldn’t normally,” Snee said. “It’s a last goodbye.”

Christine Schell, sports, arts and entertainment management major, and Robin Tkacz, political science major, are looking forward to networking with alumni at Tuesday’s Squad Selection in Hundred Wood and agreed that seniors should use these events to make memories.

“[Seniors] need to savor their last moments in college,” Schell said in Village Park Monday.

Squad Selection gives seniors the opportunity to network, but it’s also a 21+ event designed to give the nearly graduated students practice consuming alcohol in a professional environment.

Another event with an educational twist is Thursday’s Crash Course, a life-size game of Life designed to get students thinking about potential future situations and financial wellness.

“A lot of students don’t think about it when they’re in school,” Snee said. “It gets students thinking about it. It’s directly applicable.”

Snee, a graduate student from Pitt and recent college graduate, encourages seniors to try to make it out to the events as he missed his own senior week.

“By the end of the semester, I was ready to graduate and didn’t take advantage,” Snee said. “This is how you remember your Point Park experience.”

For senior musical theater major Matt Augustyniack, one of the most exciting events of the week is the Gateway Clipper Party.

According to Snee, that’s a first this year.

“We wanted to do something extra special for seniors,” Snee said. “We do it every year for freshman. I wanted to add some circularity: one last ride before you graduate.”

Musical theater major Kristin Serafini took this opportunity to bond with other seniors as well, and offered this advice for undergraduates.

“Don’t take yourself too seriously,” Serafini said in Village Park Monday.

Tkacz had advice on a similar note.

“Take advantage of your time and make sure you have fun,” Tkacz said. “Don’t take life too seriously.”

Snee had this advice for seniors.

“Make the most of your time,” Snee said. “Take a deep breath because you’ll make it.”


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