May 10: Foot Trauma

Today Ed took us to see the changing of the guards. We did not end up seeing the changing of the guards. We took the tube up to Buckingham Palace and saw the band march out, and the watch the Calvary change with The Tin Bellies and Donkey Wallopers in the rain. It was interesting to see how different rulers from hundreds of years ago created traditions that still exist. Ed once again was amazing for giving historical context to everything we were seeings, and making sure we had the best opportunity to see everything.

Afterwards we headed to the Tower of London, where there’s a wall that is from around 200. The Year Two Hundred. It’s still mind blowing to me how old things are here, and how the Roman influence can still be felt. The tower was a cool piece of strategic architecture, and remains a fortress that world need modern artillery to be breached. America is so young I think we’re a bit arrogant about modern accomplishments and forget that there are places where people interact with the past on a daily basis. It was a humbling day in that regard.

In the afternoon we headed to Shakespeare’s Globe where I bought some seeds for flowers mentioned in Hamlet and A Midsummer’s Night Dream. We didn’t get to go in, but after we ate some amazing food at Bourgh Market and did some shopping in SoHo. I was so pumped to be inside the Oxford Street Lush, the largest Lush store in the world. I even bought a bunch of Oxford Exclusive stuff, as well as grabbing some things my younger sister, Katy, had asked I try to get from Marcs and Spencer. Emily and I hung out in a cool coffee shop, Curator’s Coffee, and planned out our tube route for the rest of the day and our plans for Thursday. It was fun navigating using only a tube map and a map of London, since neither of us had wifi. I may try this again in the future intentionally.

Today’s track is inspired by this wonderfully exhausting and rainy day, Mr. Blue Sky by ELO. This is one of my all time favorites and helped me perk up after an extensive amount of walking that may have permanently damaged my feet.


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