May 11: Floating in the Most Peculiar Way

Today I was at my dream jobs.

Our first visit was at Battenhall. It’s a very young company and it’s only existed for three years, but they do really incredible work and have a great company culture. It’s a tech focused social media public relations agency. They’re all about word of mouth and don’t advertise for themselves at all. The founder, Drew Benvie, told us their strategy was “do great work, get talked about.”

Hires at Battenhall have deep social media skills and a breadth of PR skills, and I really like that. I feel like it’s a much better take on the modern idea that you have to be able to do everything. Rather than jack of all trades, master of none you’re familiar with a trades and a master of one.

Their company culture is really interesting too. They operate more like a Santa Monica tech company than a public relations agency. Employees are given a stipend to buy their own equipment and 20% of their company time is spent on passion projects. They also have unlimited vacation time. It’s a small company steadily growing and everyone seems really close and passionate about what they do. It seems like a place where people have the opportunity to do their best work. I love how progressive the atmosphere is and how diverse the employees are, and I am definitely going to apply here next time there’s an opening. Or maybe I’ll just DM @drewb.

Then we went to BMB and I now have a personal hero, Trevor Beattie. The agency’s philosophy was really cool and their work was some of my all time favorite. But then Trevor Beattie came out to talk to us and I realized he was the coolest person I’ll ever meet.

First off, he’s going to space. As in, all-around-us most-of-the-universe where-Star-Trek-takes-place space. He’s going (speculatively) next year with Virgin Galactic, and he’s met Neil Armstrong. I also loved how he said he was using advertising as a means to get to space.

Trevor also talked about how we have to “be many things.” He runs an ad agency, produces movies and is training to go to space. He guest edited a issue of The Drum where he talked about his influences and interviewed people about all the things they are and gave us all a copy. I really recommend it, especially his interview with Holly Brockwell. This goes back to what we were told at Battenhall; you have to have a breadth of knowledge and skills to be hired now. What I really liked was when Trevor said “we don’t have spare time anymore, we have life.” It very much changed the way I view my hobbies. I hadn’t been considering my interest in baking or gardening or twitter bots as more than fun activities for my space time, but my interests are on the way to becoming skills and those skills could, in fact, one day take me to space.

So basically, I now know where I want to work and who I want to be when I grow up.

Today’s song is Major Tom by David Bowie because Bowie is one of Trevor’s influences and it’s about being lonely in space, which reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Moon. Which, naturally, Trevor Beattie produced.


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