May 13: The Best Beer In The World

Brugge is a city of great food and better beer, and they aren’t shy about either. Today we went to the Chocolate Museum of Brugge, and learned, among other things, why the Belgians have the best chocolate. The museum was set up as a walk through history, starting with the origins of the cocoa bean, moving into the European adoption of it and how the Belgian’s superior standards and ingredients made them the chocolate experts.

After that food museum, I went to another food museum set up by the same man, Fritemuseum, or fry museum. It was a monument to Belgian fries, also the best in the world, and going so far as to tell us how to make the perfect fries, complete walk-through kitchen and video instruction. The format was very similar to the Chocolate Museum, starting with history and movie into modernity and trivia. I really enjoyed that format, a structured experience rather than just an archive or collection of memorabilia you wander around through.

That night we went to De Garre, an unassuming hole-in-the-wall bar with allegedly the best beer in the world. They certainly delivered. We ordered their famous house beer, a Belgian-style triple, and they came with a bowl of cheese cubes, naturally. The beer was incredible, a dynamic flavor experience that unfolded across several seconds. Alternating sips and cubes, it was a near-religious experience for the beer-lovers on the trip.

Brugge is absolutely amazing and I’m going to miss this little city. It was a really interesting city to experience, especially as Summer explained to us, it was completely reborn and re-branded to attract tourists. I can definitely see myself returning for a weekend again in the future.

As we also went on a canal tour today I’m using Chase’s suggestion of Under the Bridge by The Red Hot Chile Peppers.


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