May 18: POTUS

Ketchum was an awesome media visit. We did two interesting case studies. The first was hosted by Tim de Boer, the CEO, about Nespresso and their recycling problem. Nespresso (and bottled water) had been banned in government buildings in Germany because of waste. But Nespresso pods are completley recyclable, it’s just no one knows that. So an awareness problem turned into an image problem. A big takeaway was that most crises are self imposed.

Their first step was setting up round tables. This built their profile as a green leader and gained them allies among opinion leaders. Next they expanded instructions on the website to better showcase the recylability and created a newspaper campaign with the headline, “if you are aware, aluminum is the most sustainable material.” According to Tim, “you have to know your PR theory and be able to present it in such a way to guide your client.”

The next session was with Yuting Pan, who was very cool. The first thing she asked was to write down the first thing we ever wanted to be when we grew up. Then we talked about some potential campaigns for IB’s 50th anniversary and each put ourselves in the position of one of IB’s audiences to consider the best messages and media to reach them. That was really cool to experience a real problem in a real agency, and I can definitely see myself working at a place like Ketchum Amsterdam in the future.

Up next was World Press Photo. It was not at all what I was expecting. There was all kinds of multimedia, and even VR. It’s great to see an important organization like World Press to keep up with technology and the different forms storytelling can take. I was most affected by the short film Raising Zay and the long form multimedia project Welcome To Parkersburg, West Virginia. That was a pretty emotional experience and I’m really glad we all spent the time we did there. It’s definitely the number one thing I would tell people to visit in Amsterdam.

Today’s song is a Run The Jewels’ remix of Miike Snow’s Heart Is Full because this has been my jam this week.


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