May 19: Janthony Will Rise Again

Today was our last day in Amsterdam and also our last day! First thing in the morning I headed to the Van Gogh museum. I ended up spending about three hours there. The Van Gogh was really cool because it was like taking a walk through Van Gogh’s life. They talked about his influences and artist friends and had samples of all their work. They also had an enormous collection of his letters.
The top level, representing the last year of his life, was the most interesting to me. I probably spent a 20 minutes staring at Almond Blossoms. His work is fascinating because it looks so free and spontaneous, but he was a dedicated student of art and put so much effort into his craft. The time he spent on color alone is awe inspiring.
I bought the museum’s book about his relationship with sunflowers and prints of Sunflowers and Almond Blossoms. I also bought cupcake sets for Butterflies and Poppies and Seascape just for fun.
After the Van Gogh I met up with someone I knew who moved to Amsterdam. It was nice to just sit and talk at a cafe. She was very excited to learn I was considering moving to Amsterdam. It’s just such a nice city, everyone is so nice here.
From there I headed to the Bloemenmarkt, or Flower Market, which is just a street that sells flowers. I couldn’t resist buying some tulip bulbs even though I am aware that these ones will be dry and I should be buying them in August. I also bought a gift for my friend’s birthday and a duffle bag for the sheer amount of souvenirs I have bought on this trip.
Today’s song is Coconut Record’s West Coast since we’re going back home tomorrow.And now you can listen to the complete playlist right here! This has been a fun trip and I definitely don’t want this to be the last time I’m in London, Brugge or Amsterdam.


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