The Globe Choice Awards – Multimedia Website

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For my multimedia final project I created a website to host the (as of now) nonexistent Globe Choice Awards. The idea was to create a platform where students could nominate and vote for their favorite restaurants and find new ones to try out. This would also be a way to promote the Globe and possibly garner student discounts at the restaurants involved. The site has several polls for voting, restaurant profiles and a gallery, extensive tagging so users can sort by price range and cuisine, a map that can be viewed by price range and cuisine, and social media integration to encourage users to share who they voted for and see who other people voted for on a tagboard. I would have liked to have more reporting on the restaurants, maybe some video or radio. But it was a fun project I’d like to revisit in the future.


Media Kit: Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

I created a media kit for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank in my PR writing class. These pieces were created over the course of the semester and compiled into a single kit for the final project.


News Release

Photo Opportunity

Photo Captions

PR BrochurePR Brochure2

Jazz Goes Pop: YSU alum balances teaching and rocking

This is a magazine article I wrote for a public relations class. It has not been published.

Pop music isn’t typically taken seriously, but John Anthony is trying to change that on stage and in the classroom.

Anthony, who graduated with a Master of Music in Jazz Studies in 2012, now teaches and performs full time.

“I do a lot of both. I do balance both,” said Anthony in a phone interview Oct. 1. “I would either be bored or go crazy without a little bit of both.”

Anthony is a member of The Vindys, made up of YSU alumni who play “pop in a serious way.”

“Our music is pop with a lot of jazz harmony,” he said. “Everyone had studied jazz. That pop sensibility, that’s what we grew up listening to. You have to get past the surface to the deeper harmonies and melodic content; we’re very subtle with the harmonies underneath.”

The band owes a lot of its success to the thriving Youngstown music scene.

“We just happened to be there at the right time,” he said.


Amy’s Smart Girls PR Plan

army's Amy’s Smart Girls PR Plan
Jane McAnallen


Amy’s Smart Girls was started by actress Amy Poehler and produced Meredith Walker, later joined by Amy Miles, as a web series called “Smart Girls at the Party” designed to celebrate the diversity of women and inspire girls to “change the world by being yourself.” The web series gradually evolved into an online community for girls, parents and educators and a small summer camp for girls.

The now exists and a positive resource and safe space for girls, encouraging them in social activism, volunteerism, political involvement, community outreach and self-expression through the arts.

As the founders are all highly public women and the platform is highly engaged on social media, this organization needs a proactive public relations campaign. (more…)

Precision Feedscrews, Inc.

Precision Feedscrews, Inc. Marketing

The Industry

164 companies, 18,141 employees, $3 billion in annual revenue. US in number 2, after Japan. (Precision Turned Product Manufacturing)

US production of fabricated metal products dropped more than 20 percent during the recession of the late 2000s. A greater reliance on low-cost overseas manufacture has cut the market for US metal products. (Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing: Industry Description) (more…)

Social Media Plan for Old Spice Hair Product Line

Social Media Plan for
Old Spice Hair Product Line

Jane McAnallen
IMC Planning


Old Spice, a Proctor & Gamble brand, launched its new hair care line on January 27, 2014. They expanded into the men’s hair care category with the introduction of an all-new collection of hair care and styling products, offering an assortment of shampoos, conditioners and styling products.
The new product line was launched with a social media campaign and Super Bowl commercial. However, Old Spice’s current campaign “Mandroid” doesn’t focus on any of the brands specific offers, and its newest line is becoming lost in the shuffle.
Promoting the new product line across their social media channels could help boost awareness and sales of their new products. (more…)