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Donate here!

I’ve always wanted to travel, and although my family has been all over the US, I’m never been outside of it. Next year will be my last opportunity to travel abroad before I graduate.

This year, the School of Communication’s International Media Trip is to Amsterdam and Brussels. I’ll be leaving on May 8 and returning on May 20.

Amsterdam is a place where advertising gets weird. One of my favorite agencies, W+K, has a branch there, and a lot of really amazing work has being coming out of Amsterdam and Brussels.

Media is going global, and so is advertising. I want to be able to make the best work I can, and I think going abroad and meeting people who create such amazing work, who think differently from the ways I’ve been taught, would be enormously beneficial to me.

Some of the things we’ll be doing on this trip – on top of five days of media tours – are touring Brussels and Amsterdam, including the NATO and EU headquarters, going to a chocolate factory, a Dutch cheese factory, a lace making demo, and a clog making workshop, visiting the Anne Frank House, going on a Dutch tulip tour and visiting the windmills of Zaanse Schan.

Because this is for a class, I’ll be learning about the countries, their history and a little of the language beforehand.

The money donated will all go towards transportation, accommodations, media lectures, company visits, meals and sightseeing. In total, that’s going to be around $3,000, but with your help I’m sure I can get there.

Payment Details
$400 deposit – December 4
$700 – January 4
$700 – February 4
$700 – March 4
Final payment – April 4

It would mean so much to me to be able to travel abroad before I graduate. This is probably the only time in my life I’ll be able to travel abroad without worrying about taking time away from my career or my family, and to be able to experience the full breadth of a city, not just the bits and pieces I can gather from passing through or going there for business.

Donate here!


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